Sunday, January 11, 2009

365-10, 11

I only posted this picture because I've been at church all day literally and didn't have time to take any pictures. Also because it is snowing to beat the band right now and I miss summer too much especially seeing all your beautiful pictures from the south. I did take this picture right after I got my camera this summer so I decided to use it to protest our weather. I know that isn't Christian but it makes me feel better? LOL

This picture is of Lauren during Field Hockey this fall when the ball hit her on the nose and broke it. The funny thing was, she was in warmups but felt very proud of herself. She got great black eyes after this. The black under her eyes now is what they put on their face I guess to deflect the sun? Who knows, they feel more powerful I guess. Also, the reason you have seen her a lot is because she's my last child at home. The others have left me and of course their father as well. They have the nerve to grow up and leave the nest.


  1. Ouch! I guess that hurt. Looks like she handled it pretty well.

  2. LOL...I don't BLAME you at all on the flower picture! I would be doing the same!

    LAUREN! Good nite! If that's practice I would hate to see her play a game! Had to defend herself from Jordan one too many times, I guess...made her tough!

    Great shots!

  3. Ouch on your dd!