Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Sad sad swan story

I know everyone is waiting to hear my sad story of my Gahanna swans. They were so beautiful you see and I loved them. It was a joyous day when I first saw them and photographed them. Then April 1st came. You would think that this was a day for pranks, but actually turned out a day of reconning. The very person that told me about these great creatures, was the same who burst my bubble. How could that be? Well, as the story goes is this. They are FAKE. Yes, indeed they are. My office manager broke the news this morning. The funny story... She had been giving them crackers everyday and realized they were not eating. So, one of the other nurses and she went to the pond to see if they were okay. That is when they realized they were plastic. I never saw it. I'm sure because I was being a GREAT photographer and looking through my lens and getting that great shot. So today, I took that walk again and low and behold, they were as plastic as plastic can be. I think I have never felt so foolish but it felt good to laugh that hard. Everyone got a kick out of me actually taking pictures of them. My response? At least I didn't feed them everyday! True story. Unfortunately, not April Fools!


  1. Seriously? Oh man... and the woman that fed them! LOL... funny....

    We used to see this blue heron by a pond when we were driving this road. It was WEEKS before we realized that it was fake.

  2. lol...too funny! You still got great shots, even if they are fake!

  3. I am sooo laughing out loud here. I just had to read this to my hubby b/c he is wondering what in the world could be so funny!!!!

    Sorry the joke was on you, but it sure brightened my night!!!

  4. at least the water was real... :)

  5. Really?

    They don't look real, but the water and setting is so pretty.